Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama and Capital Punishment


Capital punishment is a thorny subject in American politics that many feel strongly about. In the debate of the death penalty the question as to whether life is a precious thing that must be valued grows stronger. As a candidate for the democratic ticket in this crucial presidential election, Barack Obama, plays a major role in death penalty reform in the state of Illinois while he was senator. Included in the reform was a requirement that involved all capital crimes must be reported when a person is put on death row. These reforms were brought about as an answer to the releasing of thirteen inmates who were determined innocent while they were incarcerated. Obama saw this reform as proof that he can bring about change through the tactics of compromise and understanding. Although he did change the policy of reform in Illinois, Barack Obama is not against the death penalty nor for it; he just believes that there should be more guidelines in place to make sure we do not put innocent citizens to death.

Barack Obama has shown that he is a determined individual and that he wants to make this country the best country for its citizens. He showed in many ways as a Senator that he is capable of making reforms in constitutional issues such as capital punishment. Scott Turow, a member of Illinois’s state commission, stated, “Without Barack’s energy, imagination, and commitment I do not believe that very substantial and meaningful reforms that became law in Illinois would have taken place.” Obama has the integrity for change and he wants to make a difference within the United States especially with the impoverished members of our society.

Obama, once again, is a saint with domestic issues. He pinpoints the problems and uses his energy to see that changes are made. Obama affirmed during the debate of death penalty reform, “At minimum, we should agree that innocent people should not be put to death by the state. At minimum.” Obama does not declare his disapproval of capital punishment, but intelligently states that there should be regulation in place to make sure that the person in question is actually innocent. The Democratic darling has a way of swooning the public, and not only a certain group of civilians, but many middle class people. He once again is a master at domestic issues, but all he needs is lessons in foreign and global issues.

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